a lace tapestry

Before my husband and I got married, before we were engaged, we traveled to Mexico together for his sister’s wedding. While we were there, we were at a market and the only thing we bought was this beautiful lace tapestry. We both stopped and fell in love with it. So much so it was one of those things we deemed unusable for fear of ruining it. So it’s sat, safely protected tucked away since the day we returned from the trip. Through a move, through three children entering our life. We’ve talked about pulling it out but always quickly talk ourselves out of it. It’s one of those special things loved with irrational thought.

On this day, it was just me and my girls home, after what feels like the longest grayest winter, the sun was pouring through the window, we had music blasting from the speakers and I had the urge to pull out the tapestry. No idea why. I asked the girls to dance around with it while I took photos.

The funny thing about sisters is their bond is so deep yet so fragile. It’s raw, beautiful and full of drama. It feels rare they just click. Usually it’s this tug of war of emotions, belonging, acceptance, trust, admiration, love, frustration etc, with girls, pretty much a storm of every emotion at different moments. Like most mothers, I plead to them to realize how lucky they are to have one another, I bait them with my desires for a sister and yet the push and pull game constantly continues.

In this moment, I was able to capture the lovely side of their bond. It wasn’t forced. Maybe just pulling out something they haven’t seen and telling them the story of it transformed them. Maybe it was the music, or the sunshine. Maybe it’s always there I just can’t always see it. Regardless I snapped away feeling thankful. Laughing with them. Endlessly loving them and their relationship. Naturally wishing my son was part of it but also grateful to be capturing sisterhood. A simple moment, maybe lasted three songs and I love the results. I didn’t photoshop messy hair, I didn’t put them in brand new clothes. This is them, in this moment, living their best life.

I can’t stress enough that you don’t need perfect outfits, neatly combed hair, perfect furnishings. You need to focus on the imperfect moments that you will look back on as perfect. Don’t overthink photo sessions. I know its an investment and you want it to be beautiful but you need to realize your life is beautiful. They way it is. The stage of life you are in. The ages your children are at, their favorite outfit, their favorite toy. And you are beautiful. They way you are. Your life is worth documenting. Message me. Lets set up a creative shoot and capture your magic. An old tapestry, a pillow fight, a tea party, baking, a dance party (I know we aren’t the only ones who do this daily) I could go on an on with ideas. Try a different kind of session and let’s see what emotions come out. I’ll even offer special pricing on these. Message me, let’s talk.