welcome sweet demi

the beginning…

newborn sessions are such an extraordinary gift, watching people in those first few moments of parenthood is not like anything else. It’s not a new chapter in their life its an entirely new story.

I love seeing the space parents create for their new additions. There is always so much thought and care put into it and now it’s full and I’m able to capture the palpable love and excitement all within the walls of their home.

Beyond that newborn sessions are full of vulnerability. It goes without saying the beginning with a little one is exhausting and confusing, it’s trying and full of questions. There is a beauty in all of it that is so deep and pure it’s begging to be documented.

This session was so beautiful. These two were lost in the sensation of becoming parents. They were soaked in their love for one another and for their sweet little girl. Their beginning. Their story. Such an honor to be the one snapping the photos.