the beautiful scholz family

I always walk into sessions with no expectations. Having the majority of my job revolving around working with children I know that they run the show. If they want a snack we stop, if they are sad we slow down, if they are having fun and running then I am running right along with them. With that being said somehow with no expectations this session far exceeded any I could have had. That little girl is so full of life and her little brother though shy was completely endearing and was more than willing to follow along with little smiles that melted my heart all while keep a close eye on me. These stunning parents are not only enamored with their beautiful children but also with each other.

I can't help but be in awe when I walk into a home in the middle of winter with light pouring in and an abundance of love set in front of me to capture. And honestly my favorite part about it was the little in between moments, whether that be a few tears (lets be real, kids cry) a bit of attitude when little brother stole the show, and lots of genuine laughter and kisses. 

Book a session in your home. Yes outdoor sessions are great, without a doubt. But your home is so much a part of your life. It's beyond beautiful and you won't regret it. Children especially respond differently to photo shoots in their space than anywhere else. This is an investment worth making. I promise that. Message me please. Let's work together!