welcome vienna

It goes without saying that children are loud, if you are a parent you know that the moments where your children are sleeping or when they are away from home there is a deafening silence. When you bring a baby home for the first time that is one of those enormous changes. The noise. And although it is fairly instant (lets be honest newborns can belt it out with the best of them) there is also a quiet and stillness with a brand new baby that is so fleeting it's hard to remember it when it passes. That is my favorite part of getting to do newborn sessions. Sure they cry during our sessions and we laugh at their little noises and stretches and sound just fills the air but there are moments where things are so peaceful and just covered with love that I absolutely adore. This whole session embodies that. 

These brand new parents, their beautiful peaceful brand new daughter and their incredible dog who was calmly checking things out gave me all the feels. It was such an honor to document this beginning. 

I'll allow the images to say the rest <3