afternoon tea party

Often people hesitate for in home lifestyle sessions because "my house is a disaster" or "there is no good light in my home" I feel EXCATLY the same way about my home and let me tell you every home, even the darkest, has a pocket of beautiful light that photographers drool over. 

This is my home. The light was pouring in so I grabbed Story's coveted tea set from santa and got her set up. I removed distractions; a poster from the wall, a basket of clean folded laundry that had been sitting there for days, and my reheated cup of coffee. Story grabbed my ukulele, her sisters hat, her camera, roses from the dining room table and a bunch of her favorite friends. She quickly became lost in the moment with her little imagination running wild while I moved around the room documenting it. I am left with a collection of images that perfectly portrays my beautiful & wild 6 year old basking in her childhood on a bitterly cold winter day. 

Children are most themselves for photo shoots in their own home. It's their space where they feel most safe. They are surrounded by their favorite things. I love when a tiny hand proudly pulls me into a room to show me their favorite toy. And I promise by the time I am there, parents forget about the disaster they were ashamed of. They too become lost in the moment. So hire me to come into your home to document your life. Make pancakes or bake cookies, have hot coco together, dance, play, build a fort or simply snuggle in with a favorite book. Allow your children to bring their treasures into the photos and I will take care of the rest. All I know is someday Story won't grab that big bear for a tea party anymore and I am so glad I have a photo of it to look back on. 

For the month of January I am offering $100 off in home lifestyle sessions. That's how much this means to me. I'm taking a pay cut :) For the remaining openings I have, I want to fill it documenting real life moments. It would be such an honor  and something I truly don't believe you will regret investing in <3