harmon family at monches farm

I fell in love with monches farm years ago if you've been there you know exactly what I mean and if you haven't I strongly urge you to check it out. A true hidden treasure. 

It's a place so carefully cared for that is filled with beauty around every corner. Between the roaming chickens, beautiful flowers, the greenhouse, the doves, the little shop and all of the incredible plants it's hard not to become consumed with whimsy. 

Exploring this magical place with the Harmon family was simply amazing. Our session was short and sweet but not at all lacking any depth. There is a calmness to this family that I have admired since the first time I met them. The way they are all looking out for one another and checking on one another is so sweet and such an honor to capture. 

We fit in dancing, kisses, close snuggles, lots of giggles and even feeding chickens while the sun lowered in the sky and monches farm closed for the evening and I smiled behind my camera the entire time moving quickly to document all of the beauty around me.