simple 02

a quiet tuesday after school...

homework was finished, crumbs from snacks lay on the table, the wind chimes were roaring and these three were having a sweet moment together on the porch.

our life these days is full. often spent driving from place to place, attempting to balance three schedules, two schools, friends, family, work and play. lately I leave my camera behind in the midst of the chaos I want to view them not through my lens but through being present. only I noticed that the result is I don't capture them as often as I used to.

on a day like this one though I couldn't resist. I raced inside and grabbed my camera with only a sliver of charge left and snapped away while they played with the flowers on the porch, whispered secrets and gave gentle kisses. I am certain a lot of that was for my entertainment; knowing my camera was out, feeling my enthusiasm and knowing the direction I often give but even still I was in awe because hidden behind that posing was something so pure and so three children...a brother and his two sisters just basking in childhood.

our backdrop wasn't fancy and this moment was short and sweet but this is our now. I was thinking the other day I don't know where the time has gone but then I do because I've been here for it all. through all the tears, the bumps and bruises, the triumphs and moments of defeat. I've watched them grow and change right before my eyes and I know if I blink for too long so much will be missed. and so I am glad I have images to relive these fleeting moments of their childhood.

I've said it before and it's because I am so passionate I'll say it again. don't wait. pull out your camera or your phone for the moments inbetween. hire a photographer to capture these moments in your life. on your porch, in your yard, having breakfast, snuggled reading a book. I so strongly believe having these images are the one investment you will never ever regret. just remember to keep it simple and don't wait for a perfect moment. the moment is now.