the family narrative

I never want to stop learning. Whenever I take time to embrace the photography community I am left inspired. It can be a lonely business. No happy hours, no Christmas parties and no co-workers to vent with. When I throw myself into the community at a workshop or over coffee I feel an excitement for the art of photography that fuels me to continue to grow.

Early March I went to New Orleans for The Family Narrative. A weekend spent with family photographers from all over learning from one another. I had the honor of observing, learning from and shooting alongside the beautiful and talented Brooke Davis for a live shoot. I love seeing how other photographers approach a session. It's beautiful watching an artist work. To then get to capture this beautiful mother on my own left me feeling completely fulfilled.

Madeline and her three gorgeous children were so much fun to capture. There is an obvious beauty with all of them but it was so much more than that. Watching a mother of three so calm and so clearly in love with her babies made me homesick for my own babies. We took turns holding those beautiful twins while capturing sweet kisses, beautiful smiles and that lovely New Orleans light covering all of them. A big brother constantly showing his tough boy love to his sisters, sweet baby girls who would share their beautiful smiles with us and a patient mother who laughed with us as we talked about motherhood and the immense patience and grace it takes. It was an incredible session and truly such a gift to be part of.