a slow Monday morning...

music playing, sipping on a cup of coffee that was quickly cooling off and snow falling outside

I looked in our bathroom and noticed the light. It was soft and simple. I bribed the kids with cookies and asked to photograph them.  In this tiny space, with changing light as the snow fell we turned up the music and had our little photo shoot. They grabbed the eucalyptus from the dining room table and their personalities took over. The ever changing 10 year old balancing confidence, silliness and uncontrollable laughter. The quiet 7 year old with all of his sweetness and sincerity giggling his way through the attention of the camera. The wild 5 year old with her charisma shining through constantly asking for more cookies.

It's a good reminder that it doesn't always need to be complicated. Perfect lighting, perfect backdrops and perfect behaviors are hard to obtain. I would rather document honesty and childhood which is far from perfect. This wasn't about anything but them. And I'm left with images that I could stare at forever. I see bits the past when they were babies and I see so much of what the future holds. And above all of that this is the now. All within a tiny space and a tiny moment. And sure shortly after the cookies were gone and the moment had passed the chaos of life ensued and they bickered, messes were made, my coffee was cold and exhaustion took over but days are made up of all of the moments and I was glad these photos were one them on this day.

Don't wait for good weather, a perfectly clean house, haircuts or the best outfits. Capture your children now. Document your life now. Keep it simple. The results are guaranteed to be something you will cherish.