Jolley + Nathan Lifestyle Session

The moment I walked into Jolley + Nathan's beautiful Atlanta home I was swept away by sweet Jagger to see her magnificent room and her favorite toys. She was bouncing around showing me every detail and I was instantly in awe of her sweet and charismatic demeanor. The family piled on the mom and dads bed and laughter filled the room. Zea kept his eyes on me taking it all in and staying close to mom but even he couldn't hold all of his smiles in. Jagger bounced off the bed with excitement telling me she had to show me something. She ran from the room and came back in beaming with pride holding her very special frozen toothpaste.  I knew I had made a perfect tiny new friend.

We went outside to a beautiful spot in the neighborhood to capture the end of summer and their tight family bond. Sticks and wind + kisses and tiny giggles. Their love filled the frame and left me completely inspired.

After our session we talked parenthood and life and I left with the biggest hug from the amazing Jagger. It was an incredible day.