brother + sister

There were dirty dishes in the sink, groceries to put away, crumbs on the table from lunch with a beautiful breeze blowing through the one open window. Sam Cooke filled our home with a nostalgic sound and a cup of coffee ready to give me boost was quickly becoming cold. I was ready to tackle the end of day tasks to start preparing for dinner and bedtime. Our daily routine at it's finest.

I heard them giggling and whispering. I peaked in my room and saw them snuggled up in a tangled knot on our bed lost in a moment. The light kissed their skin and wrinkles of the blanket seemed to outline them perfectly. They were lost in a moment and I was in awe at the beauty of it all.  Everything could wait. I grabbed my camera. They continued with their giggles and perfect snuggles while I captured a true moment of bonding between them. They were talking about elephants and tigers, smelly fish and lady bugs. In this quick moment I saw how important they are for one another. A big brother and his little sister.

My tasks waited for me and our daily routine continued almost and of course that natural sibling bickering began but for a moment I was lost in them and they were lost in each other and that was all that mattered.