a mother + her children

It is such an incredible honor to be hired by another photographer. I have admired Laura's work for a while. She has such a keen eye for capturing the beautiful innocence of children.

When I walked into her home I was instantly drawn to her children. Sheldon and Fern wasted no time showing me their favorite things. Sheldon showed me his dinosaur collection and said to me "if we were both t-rex's we wouldn't hurt each other we would be great friends" eet Fern quietly showed me around her room and would peak at me every chance she could and give me such a gentle smile. These two won me over effortlessly.

Capturing Laura with her children was a good reminder for me to get in the frame. All mothers should. We talked about how rare that is for all of us but look at these images they show how important it is. There is such a beauty in how children look at their mom. The gentle touch and stunning smiles are worth documenting. I wish all mothers could see what I see through my lens. You aren't as tired as you feel and you are more beautiful then you realize. You are adored and you need to see that and they need to have photos of their superhero to cherish as they grow.

I'll let the images say the rest xo