beyond the mundane

It's so easy to be consumed with the ordinary day to day life. The routine of it takes over and we flow through it like water unable to freeze. But on this day, we were the ripple, the hiccup that stops life for a mere moment.

We fully embraced the first day of warmth. We put everything on hold. Set off together with no plan and no time restraint. We basked in the sun and danced in the wind. Their sibling rhythm was on and together we created a memory to be cherished. A memory to carry us through any of those mundane day-to-day tasks that would soon take over again.

We came home tired and refreshed, covered in mud with tangled hair. Smiling from ear to ear we fell back into our routine; dinner, bath, books and bed. It seemed less tedious now. Our small moment nurtured us giving us the nudge we needed to see the beauty in our everyday. The food tasted better, the bath made them extra clean, the books reminded us of our own adventure and they went to sleep dreaming magnificent dreams.

A small moment helped me to look beyond the mundane andfind rhythm in our day-to-day life again.