a wednesday

Just another Wednesday. Dishes in the sink from breakfast, the mail sitting in the mailbox waiting to be picked up, beds unmade, music playing and cold coffee waiting to be finished. Life for me was moving fast as always.... But I looked up and saw them. One of those moments where I was suddenly completely aware of how fleeting their childhood is for me. They don't feel that speed they bask in their childhood as if the smallest moment could last forever.  Fully present and completely lost together. I watched them forcing time to stop. Soaking up their laughter and their details. These images are raw and honest. The little bits of blur remind me to slow down. I am reminded of how fast they seem to move but how beautiful their movement is. They are tangled and close and full of so much joy. Just another Wednesday sure but to me it's a day I will revisit often. A day that shows me our now. A day where for a fraction of time everything finally slowed down.