welcome addison

I first met Janice to capture her maternity photos in Lincoln Park in Chicago. She was beyond radiant. Almost unfair. Almost. Her stunning smile and endearing personality were effortless to capture. Both of these soon to be parents were filled with so much excitement and so much love for one another.


I couldn't wait to meet their little girl. I headed back to Chicago to capture them in their new home with their brand new beautiful daughter. Still beyond radiant mixed with that insane new parent exhaustion. Watching a family settle into their new roles is incredible. Its familiar from when I had my own children but there is also something unique to each family. These sessions are intimate and personal and it's such a great honor to capture this time for a family.

Addison was not a fan of wardrobe changes. My favorite moment was watching these new parents comfort their sweet baby. Both so madly in love and so deeply concerned. It made for such a great session.

I absolutely love my job.