cloud nine

She's almost 9. It's really hard to believe but then at the same time it makes complete sense. She's my oldest so often she seems so grown up, so capable and wise beyond her years. Then there are moments where I am reminded how little she still is. Where she still looks at my with eyes of wonder and need. As a parent you feel what your kids feel, their happiness radiates through you and their sadness becomes your sorrow. You push and pull to lift your children up and sometimes no matter how hard you fight they feel all the feels and have to get through it on their own. It isn't as simple as baby proofing or catching them as they tumble. You learn quickly you can't protect them the ways you did when they were babies you can only love them and guide them.

This brave girl with the absolute biggest heart. The girl who teaches me how to be a mother. I am trying to bask in her childhood and hold on tight for the ride. For now I'll live our life on cloud nine, in these beautiful moments where getting that smile is easy, where her imagination can still run wild. She's my baby and always will be. She's extraordinary and I can only hope that she can see that in all of the moments in her life.