amanda + jane

"The night before Cree and I got married, my dad told me that 99% of life is mundane - the day to day. Then he told me to always remember to love it. Don't live for the one percent. I've seen my mom and dad do this in their lives and I strive to do the same. Life is a lot of work, so learning to love the work you do, makes it all the better." ~Amanda Jones


I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing and photographing Amanda and her beautiful daughter Jane for The Village Magazine Volume 2 I was asked to pick a mother that inspired me. That list is long. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by mothers who I am in awe of but I wanted to choose someone I hadn't met yet. I first discovered Amanda through her beautiful contribution to Kinfolk Magazine and then fell in love with her instagram feed. I could tell from both Amanda has a beautiful eye, a pure joy and deep love for motherhood.

Spending time with her and Jane I was instantly lost in the moment capturing this tender love between this mother and daughter. With beautiful light streaming in their home and Jane bouncing around with Amanda's beautiful smiling following her every move, I was snapping away trying not to miss a thing. Their smiles were radiant and their closeness was authentic. Through sweet tickles, making music, dancing around, playing blocks, and smiles for her favorite little bear I saw stunning mother caring for and having fun with her incredible daughter, what more could I ask for?