fresh 48 session

A fresh 48 session is like no other. Those beginning moments quickly become a blur. As mothers our hearts are busy remapping while our arms are quickly tangled around this tiny human we completely need. With an older sibling meeting the new addition those moments are often the most genuine of our life. Documenting it for this family was such a gift. I held back tears as this proud big sister entered the room to meet her brother for the first time. She was completely unaware of my presence. Without missing a step she jumped on the bed and said to her mom "I am so glad to see you, I am so glad to see baby" Her tiny voice filled the room and my only focus was to capture these moments for this family to later come back to. When three became four. When their daughter was so proud, so curious and so incredibly glad to be with her family. When dad wiped away his tears of such a pure joy. When mom held her children with complete grace. And of course that brand new baby boy with those incredible tiny feet and tiny hands and wide eyes.