1/52 for us and for them

It is not secret that I deeply love the power of photography. Capturing emotion gives me a rush and documenting childhood endlessly inspires me. Looking back on the photos I've captured of my own children I realized how little my husband and I make an appearance  in the images. I wanted to devote this years portrait series to getting in front of the camera with them. Setting up a timer may not be a spontaneous as I want but the moments with them are guaranteed to be genuine. I want to spend more time this year capturing these three with their amazing papa as well. I want them to look back and see their smiles in ours and relive the moments where we were close and together. During sessions I always encourage images of  kids alone with each parent, it's time to set that focus for my own family. These three were so excited when I set up the tripod. They were bouncing on the bed, laughing and I got at least a dozen kisses. Life doesn't stand still it is always changing. Photographs catch a glimmer of our memories and I want my husband and I to be documented with these three. For us and for them.

Thank you for following along. I hope you will join in and get in more photographs with your loved ones.