You know the book Love You Forever (if you don't please go find it) I loved it when I was a child. It always made me cry but never in a sad way more in a beautiful deeply emotional way. Even being little I knew the book was powerful. When I was small I would imagine my mom driving to my house to comfort me and guess what she does.  Now that I am a mother when I read that book I imagine driving to my children in the middle of the night. This image is my love you forever. The way she fits on me like a puzzle piece. My children are quickly outgrowing this hold, so without hesitation, anytime I can, I place them in my arms like this and sit in silence. My thoughts are still, my heart is full, and our life for that moment slows down. Holding them as a piece of me is now and will always be my love you forever even if they move to another state. I'll never be too weak to try.