Sometimes you need to join your children in the small joys of childhood. With messy hair in your pjs get up on that bed and jump without fear. Let go of the worry what if you both fall off what if the bed breaks. Her laughter in this moment was contagious and full of such a pure happiness. With my oldest I spend so much time just being her mom. Homework, making sure she's taking care of herself, learning life lessons, discipline... the list seems to go on and on. Our fun moments feel rare these days. Some days I find myself missing her when she is sitting across the room. She's rapidly growing independent and while I am so proud of her I am also feeling a loss for the 2 year old who used to talk to herself in the mirror. The baby who would fall asleep on my chest. Holding my finger with her tiny little fist. I am gaining so much as she gets older yes but it is bittersweet. Her 8th birthday is fast approaching and I just want to cradle her and sing her a lullaby. She made me a mother and I will fight like mad to have moments like these with her. Moments where we are carefree and beaming with happiness.