This boy.

He's the big brother and the little brother. He's our only boy. He's grown so much in 5 years that it's difficult not to be overly sensitive when it comes to him.  I find myself smelling his hair and watching him sleep to soak up as much of his smallness as I can. Making memories to hold onto these moment with my little prince before they blow away with the wind. To be his mother I learned I have to be patient and believe in his bravery. Sticks are essential for his play and climbing is very important.  Independence came early and I learned I had to give him space. He deals with emotions differently than the girls. I learned to breathe deep, listen and wait. Being the boy in the middle has taught him to wait. He waits for help and waits for kisses. He waits to be played with and waits for his turn and he has learned to wait with grace. I have let him down more times than I want to admit and always smiles and tells me its okay. Always.

He doesn't just make eye contact he looks at you deeply and honestly. He takes you in and notices your details. He'll often compliment others on things that most people especially children would overlook.

He can be wild but it's his boyhood and I want him to embrace that fearlessness.  He loves to explore and his imagination is extraordinary. His role in our family is essential. He makes the adventures more interesting and the snuggling more memorable. When Noah is in he is all in. Completely passionate.

Celebrating his life is easy. It was a gift becoming his mother. He has taught me so much. I am grateful for his impact on my life.  He is incredible. Truly incredible.



Noah Stone with his new prized ship he got for his birthday.