a gift

Believing in the impossible fades when you grow up. Logic sets in and morals take over and life adventures take a new form. But every now and then if you let your children guide  you and lead the way you will discover there is mystery and wonder to be found in your own backyard. One of the greatest gifts of motherhood is my children sharing their sense of wonder with me. When I let go and jump completely in I have seen witches on broomsticks, dragons overhead, fairies delivering gifts, pirates stealing my jewelry and of course a brave night and two enchanting princesses. They show me the beauty in a wilted flower and they capture the biggest bugs that normally make me shudder but every now and then unexplainably I can't help but reach out to touch them. I've danced in the rain and made the messiest mud pies and discovered buried treasure.

I've had my moments where I just can't make the action figures come to life or playing dolls feels exhausting but sometimes when I let go my children have the ability to make my imagination soar. This has helped me to dream big and take my own goals to higher levels. It's that boost. That push to obtain the "impossible" A true gift.

As an adult you can't always let go and swim in wonder but the moments you do you may just find yourself the queen of a magical land and that feels pretty awesome.