second grade thoughts

She's going into 2nd grade.

She's going into 2nd grade....

The harsh reality of how fast time is moving is unavoidable. With her, in some ways I will always be a new mom. She gave me the gift of motherhood. All the first moments.  Everything with her is new and always will be. She will hit every stage first strengthening us as parents. I  can close my eyes and instantly be back in the hospital room alone with her for the first time. The way her hair felt, her warmth and our undeniable connection. Staring at her in completely awe. The sound of her fresh cry and the heaviness of her sleepy little body on my chest.  She has shaken me to my core and forever changed me. I've grown with her and fight the battle of letting her soar while trying to bask in her childhood desperately wanting to cradle her and slow it all down.  She's growing like a weed in the sun and all I can do is embrace it.

She brought me a gift. For no reason. A middle of the week, towards the end of a long day gift. A painted box with a handmade necklace inside. Her note to me made my knees weak. Expressing love and gratitude in words well beyond her years. Her mind is her own and it's absolutely beautiful what she is creating. A 7 year old with a keen sense of when to lift someone up and she does it with grace.

As she heads into 2nd grade at a new school I am suddenly flashing back to her very first day of school. That feeling of have I prepared either of us well enough for this moment? Her joy and excitement is infectious though it's hard to quiet the worries I hold. I'll carry the burden of worry while my sweet girl dances through a new chapter in her life.

She is extraordinary.