I have had so many moments lately where I can see these three amazing children grow right in front of me. With sweet questions, beautiful drawings and creations, little letters I find all over our house and their little daily discoveries. So much of this is just them. Fighting against the grain to be who they are. We are here to guide, nurture and support them as their parents of course but so much of who they are is completely them. It's extraordinary. Inspiring even. My adult worries are easily distracted by their curiosity and excitement for everything. My mind can be racing in the car filled with frustrations and to-do lists and I will be asked a question about lobsters or rain and I am back to thinking like a kid with a huge smile on my face. Catching them singing or learning to tie shoes or building something from nothing when they don't know I am watching are moments where I really see them and I am filled with an abundance of pride. Motherhood has shown me that the responsibility of being an adult isn't so bad with the adventure of childhood guiding me through. Messes happen and get cleaned up and happen again. Imagination is the key to a mini vacation any time you need it and doing things their way sometimes may take much longer but the high of their pride is worth that wait. I learn so much from being their mom. I am braver, kinder, more patient, compassionate, adventurous and more creative because I am their mom. Without a fraction of doubt they make me a better person.