a slow summer

Summer is here and life with three kids is a beautiful chaotic mess. It's easy amongst the daily bickering, their frustrations with rules and the constant strong pull between three small people to feel incredibly overwhelmed.

I've never liked easy.

Finding the joy in the simple things in my life and letting it consume all of the day to day frustrations can be a challenge. But the soundtrack of my life has me dancing with a smile. Their laughter, curious questions, the simplicity of late night rain falling and the sound of the coffee brewing in the morning creates a noise that leaves me hopeful for strength to beat any anger that may rise. Seeing a rainbow or a good nights sleep, listening to their imaginations twist and tumble as they play or the feeling of their bubbles popping on my skin are moments worth slowing down for. Moments worth fighting easy on a hard day. Time with friends and small quiet moments with the man I love carry me and help me to let go of the heat of the daily challenges.

Making an honest effort to look up instead of down this summer has shown me beauty I had forgotten. The time where I could be on my phone or cleaning or doing a million other things I am trying to choose to stop and look up I see them growing, the flowers blooming, I feel the sun and the wind. When the kids are busy used to be MY time but every now and then I slow down enough to watch the beauty in front of me. Watching them cross the monkey bars or catch a ball and to being present for their pure and honest palpable joy.

Pull over for a sunset, be late to embrace a hug from your little ones and dive into life instead of dwelling on it. Instead of worrying about the chipped paint on the garage and the toys all over the yard I am noticing the beauty of a four leaf clover right at my feet.

This summer has me feeling hopeful and focused on my life. I welcome the mess, I working on embracing the challenges. I fall down and pick myself right back up. I am making the choice to ignore easy, catch my breath and listen to my own soundtrack.

It isn't easy and I can't always slow down but I will keep trying.