the boy with the sword

Noah is my hero. I don't say this lightly or without extreme conviction. This little boy is filled with curiosity and wonder that creates an adventure at every turn. Almost two years ago we were up north with family. At a souvenir shop our little man chose a sword. He placed it in the back of his shirt and instantly a connection was made. His sword has awakened a bravery in him that I always knew was there. Though he's young he also carries the heart of an old soul. This sword protects him from fears and helps him know he can take care of others. It makes him feel safe and secure and reminds him that he is strong. It isn't used for battle or to harm others. It's his honor to wear it. Whether we are grocery shopping or at the post office, the library, the park, on a walk or reading books it's never far from site and almost always in his back. Though we are on sword number three and duct tape holds it together the sentiment has grown roots. As he begins to slowly put his sword down more and more I am sad but I also know his bravery is more alive than ever. I see it growing as he does. A mere $3 of plastic on the back of an adventurous little boy full of wonder has proven to be priceless.

While he walks cautiously into new situations he never seizes to amaze me with his thought and care for others. He's gentle yet strong add the sword and you most definitely have a superhero.