Self + Art

There are moments as an artist where you question everything. Your work, style, your creativity and even your purpose. These moments can be incredibly brutal and outrageously frustrating.

Letting go of the doubt and fear can result in creations filled with a raw beauty the evokes indescribable emotions.

I recently took Self + Art with the incredibly talented and endlessly inspiring Carolyn Mara. I first came across Carolyn's work on instagram and I was instantly drawn to her beautiful work. I had the pleasure to meet her at the Photo Field Trip I attend this year. In a short time I've learned so much from her. This class forced me to be vulnerable and push my creativity in a way I didn't know I deeply needed. Acknowledging fear and then overcoming it is something I've avoided for a long time. It has been easier to hide behind my camera and photograph the moments in others lives. The moments right in front of me felt good enough. Chasing images became part of my past and I felt lost in my identity as a photographer.  Letting go  this year and taking a class like this allowed me to think beyond the obvious moments. Carolyn encouraged us to slow down and create with a purpose. Simple prompts like "light" in this class allowed me to begin to bloom.

As I created and photographed the assignments I felt inspired and there was a thrill that radiated through me with an intense passion. The fear began to fade and I finally saw something in my images that was deep, raw and personal. I gained a confidence I hadn't felt in a long time. Being the subject behind most of my creations forced me to be brave. I love photographing the fleeting moments with children and families and I always will but adding the depth of seeing things that aren't obvious and right in front of me results in that raw beauty that evokes indescribable emotion.  I ended this class ready to continue my growth and excited to create.

I am an artist.

I needed this. Take this class. Trust me.