When I was little I thought my mom was a witch. A good witch. She could cure any sickness, create absolutely anything from so little, she knew more about everything than anyone else and she had this elegance that couldn't possibly be real without magic.

This beautiful soul has taught me so much about life and motherhood. There truly aren't words to describe how deep my love for her is. Watching her become and Grandma and watching my kids see the magic in her are some of the greatest moments of my life.

Motherhood is life altering. It has shaken me to the core and taught me more about life than any other experience. I am stronger and braver for them. My beliefs and values are rooted deeply for them. The abundance of my love is far greater than I ever imagined possible. I always knew my mom felt this way about us. Experiencing the depth of motherhood has deepened my respect for my mom. There is no stronger bond and no tougher soul than a mom.

Today and every day I am thankful for my mom and I am grateful for being their mom.

Wishing and hoping that all the mothers out there had a lovely day. We are all magical.