rise and shine

Being able to pick up my camera at any point in the day and capture my little ones childhood is a treasure I truly cherish. Being able to photograph others stories and capture other families is a gift I keep close to my heart. When I am welcomed into someone's home there is a moment of silence where I take it all in. It's an extraordinary feeling. I am not just a guest who has come to drink coffee and have small talk. I am not family looking to help prepare a meal. I am there to document your story while chasing the intimacy of your family with my lens. I am there to find the details and the moments that will warm your heart when you look back time and time again.

On this lovely early morning as I drove to this session, I saw the sun rise. This moment ended up feeling like the frame of the day. It provided a light that carried me through. I arrived as everyone was waking up and still in bed. Instantly I felt lucky to witness the start to their day. This family was quiet and radiated love. These three beautiful people had the most infectious smiles and they took their time to enjoy their morning together. Every moment felt peaceful. I could have stayed all day and become a piece of furniture or artwork just to hold onto the calmness of this home. Sweet Griffin was so curious about my presence. He kept his eye on me with a gentle smile to let me know I was welcome even with his caution. Simply put it was a beautiful session that left me inspired and wanting more.

Sessions like provide personal validation for what I do. A quiet morning (or even a loud chaotic one) can tell your story. I want to do that for you. I want to capture your details, emotions and every day life in it's beauty that I know is there. It's in every home.  I truly love the normal every day part of life. The first sips of coffee, a shared meal, the hugs the kisses, tying shoes and reading books, folding laundry and laughter. Forget what you think would be a perfect photo session and allow me to capture images that will show raw emotion and the moments you want to remember.