I am a Mom

I am a Mom.

I say this with the same emphasis batman would use to declare he was a superhero.

My food is normally cold or quickly eaten by someone else, I can't remember the last time I slept for 8 hours straight, I typically get out of the shower before completely rinsing off the soap, most of my make up has little fingerprints in it, I often add jewelry to my pajamas in hopes that no one notices, most of  my clothes have their crumbs or stickers from their fruit on them, I have forgotten what privacy is and my exercise is chasing my carefree children in every direction...please trust I am not complaining I am actually bragging. You see with these mild sacrifices comes the greatest rewards I've experienced in life.

Their love, trust and affection.

When I come home after being gone, even if only at the grocery store they come barreling into me with smiles and tight hugs. They know I will turn the tears from a scraped knee into laughter. I will save them from nightmares. I will cure their colds and mend their torn clothing. I will tuck them in exactly how they want. They know I will make them their cravings for lunch and always fill their glasses with what they desire. They know I will always stop what I am doing to read a book or listen to their thoughts. They trust I will catch them before they fall and they know that standing behind me is some of the greatest protection life can offer.

Wiping away their tears and feeling their joy keeps me whole. Watching them discover, learn even fall down and get up again provides me with this intense determination to do more and be better for them. I am wrapped up in the fleeting moments of their childhood. They inspire me. The best part, I am not even knee deep yet. My children are still young and while we adventure through their childhood together the journey only seems to get better.

I am a Mom. I am their Mom.