She's seven. I have to keep telling myself this as a reminder of how fleeting her childhood is. As she grows her questions become deeper. I find myself taking long pauses hoping I can answer her tough questions accurately while preserving her innocence. She's wise well beyond her years but there is that innocence that defines her as a child. That carefree wonder and her deep belly giggle that can be provoked in an instant. Those mindless moments where in her eyes anything is possible and everything is at the tip of her finger. The love she can give to a doll she still believes comes alive while she sleeps. Her wish to go to the place where fairies live. She's a child and while I am more proud of her every day as she grows and I enjoy my interactions with her now more than ever, I also want to hit pause and bask in her childhood a bit longer. She has a passion for creating and this inspires me daily. She can take simple objects and turn them into magnificent wonders. Her heart is big and longs to protect everyone, even complete strangers. She rarely cries for herself mostly her tears are wrapped in worries for others. She's full of charisma and whimsy. A true free spirit. Seven years with this amazing girl and I love her like crazy.

She sees a beauty in the world that most people pass by. I see that beauty through her.