in front

Towards the end of our day yesterday I realized I hadn't showered or changed out of my pajamas. I laughed when I looked in the mirror. Not because this is something so completely out of character because lets be honest if we are home and my kids are sick the last thing I am going to have time for is even the smallest dose of pampering myself. I laughed because I looked how the day felt. I decided to take some photos of myself with the kids because why not.  I was desperate for a distraction, the lighting was lovely and it was something to do. The thing is I am incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera. Like mind blowing crazy uncomfortable. Most people truly are. It's that nervous and awkward feeling of where should I look and what the hell should I do with my hands. Without make up or at the very least brushing my hair truly adds to the agony of the experience for me. I was half expecting the kids to resist, continue whining and maybe even give the camera the stink eye. Since I was setting up a timer and running into the frame I had no idea what to expect nor could I control the situation. Looking at these images I truly feel beautiful. I see me in their faces and I see a happiness that is so pure and in the moment. Though the scene was set up and directed "you sit there" the emotion is as real as it gets. It's tender, vulnerable and full of love. That "our love is way stronger than this lousy day" kind of love.

Capturing mothers with their children is one of my main priorities during a session. Lets face it moms dodge the camera and are usually the ones capturing the day to day moments. But the relationship between a mother and a child is not like any other. It's magical. No make up, dirty clothes, maybe even food stuck somewhere in my hair and I felt beautiful. They do that for me. They help me to shine. I want to show other mothers that same beauty that I know without a fraction of doubt that is there. All mothers glow even more so when they least expect it.