field trip

With a bit of determination, dressed in vulnerability and my will to grow as a photographer I attended a photo field trip in CA. This experience has left me consumed with inspiration. Completely exhausted on the flight home I smiled almost the entire time replaying the events of the weekend in my mind. I was amongst incredible talent; artists I completely admire. Through what seemed like endless rain we huddled close in tents and yurts eager to learn from one another. With muddy boots and open eyes I saw unexpected beauty in the backdrop, the people I met and within myself.

This trip forced me to dream. I knew I wanted to grow as a photographer and that got me to CA, once there I learned I needed to create a dream in my head of who I want to be and then fight like mad to get there. I became a child with bright eyes shaking with excitement. I took notes the way I did when I was in school in NY. Eager to capture every word with the tip of my pen. I wanted to fill my entire body with the information. I wanted to bask in the knowledge. Everything was flowing. Reminders to take care of myself, to take care of my business and to value my art. It was the affirmation I needed to confirm that my dreams are achievable and worth fighting for.

More than anything from this trip I take away friendship. The people I met were those who deeply impact you and goodbye is never really goodbye. I captured a few of them and I can't wait till we meet again so I can capture every single one of the beautiful creative souls I now consider dear friends.

I miss the small cabin in the woods, the thick mud, the wonder of a new place, the feel of pen to paper writing, meals with strangers, laughing till it hurts with new friends, walking to the beach, giant waves, soggy sandwiches, sharing umbrellas, more mud, a class about lighting in a yurt, a class about showing up for life, listening to Dallas Clayton in awe as he teaches 400 adults kid lessons, learning business tips, dancing in tent and more than anything placing value back into taking care of me and my art.


Truly an incredible experience. I wish I would have taken more photos but there is always next time.