snowy day

I had the great privilege this weekend to head out into the beautiful snow with this lovely family. I first met Brittany when Madelynn entered kindergarten. Brittany was Madelynn's teacher and instantly I was in awe of her. She has this incredibly beautiful presence and an extraordinary way with kids. Madelynn adores Brittany and did from day one. I spent that year feeling incredibly confident with my daughter being at school. At the end of the year we learned Brittany was expecting. Our friendship had already grown and I knew it would continue well beyond the end of the school year. I am thankful I was right. Pat is a teacher as well and someone who is just fun to be around.  He brings out this special smile and instant attention from their sweet daughter. Both Pat and Brittany are head over heals for sweet Hazel and I can definitely see why. Hazel is the sweetest baby. She's completely content and can win you over instantly with her beautiful eyes and perfect baby cheeks.

Capturing this family is effortless. They are all so deeply in love. Their joy is infectious. We spent the morning laughing and talking while I shot image after image. Hazel has definitely won me over. I always leave looking forward to the next time I get to see her.

Thank you Pat, Brittany & sweet Hazel for a beautiful morning.


We had our session at Washington Park and Birdies Café.