I thought I knew the limits of love. I knew love was pure and deep. True love was full of joy and heartache. Then I became a mother. Loving my children has taught me what real love is. It is selfless, patient and forgiving. I've learned that love is unconditional, free of judgment and expectation and it expects little in return. These three children could never do anything to make me stop loving them. Never. My love for them is my infinite abyss.

The most inspiring part about loving them I have enhanced my capacity of love for others. What I learn from loving them creates endless possibilities for loving others. My level of compassion has grown. Motherhood is a mind-expanding experience of love. Of course there are times when my children put me in touch with the dark side but when I spend time reflecting on those moments where I've used my mom voice or lost my patience I am filled with an overwhelming and unconditional love that reminds me how extraordinary our relationship is. As a person I have a tendency to pass judgment but as a mother I am teaching my children to behave from a foundation of love and acceptance. We are growing together and I am learning to approach life in the ways I am teaching them to.

My love for my husband changed as well when we became parents. We uncontrollably lowered our expectations for one another and became the guiding light for our three wonderful children. I am taken with his relationship with them and beyond grateful every day that we are parents together. My love for him grows every day and is deeper than I ever dreamed possible.

Love is extraordinary. It is limitless. The love in my life is the biggest motivation and provides the determination I need to get through the hiccups. It's my fuel and my saving grace. I love my family and that is more than I ever could have asked for.

a few images of a few favorite moments lately. Their imaginations and joy make my days full and exciting.