This was a tough day A day of tears and whining. A day of messes and my mom voice. A day where I was done and riding the very little patience that was left. They wont remember any of that. They will remember the brown tint of our hands from the cinnamon, the dampness from the applesauce, bing Crosby singing us Christmas songs and carefully choosing which cookie cutter to use. I am grateful for the little moments that shine above the rest. I could have chosen one of the perfectly lit, perfectly focused images and left it at that but life isn't perfect. Certainly not mine. I like that the image is lit by the warm light of the kitchen and the last light of the day. I like that it is slightly off focus. This image reflects both the chaos and the tenderness that I want to remember. The flaws are what make our life beautiful. The moments that we remember with nostalgia are the ones I want to document. Sometimes the blur in my life is what I want to hold onto the most. This was definitely a tough day but like my kids, I'll carry this moment with me for life.