She's three now which means she doesn't listen, she speaks quickly in paragraphs that sound like complicated poetry. She has to do everything all by herself and she's mastered stomping her foot. Her smile is radiating and completely contagious. She only takes three bites of anything we give her to eat. She doesn't hear the word no. And she can now run really fast which makes her brave breakaways extra fun.

Every moment is an adventure with her these days. I often feel like I spend all day battling her, only to be completely exhausted and frustrated putting her to bed,  to then sneak in 10 minutes after she's fallen asleep and marvel at how much I adore her giving her at least 12 more kisses while she is dreaming.

The moment I found out we were expecting her everything changed. Suddenly my life looked very different. The moment I met her was truly the most peaceful moment of my life. I knew instantly that all my fears and worries meant absolutely nothing.  My ideas of how our life would be faded and were replaced with excitement, pure joy and an abundance of love for our little Story. She completed me.