my wild

Sometimes life feels very still. These moments are quick. So quick it's easy to miss them. These are moments I find myself reaching for my camera to capture my children. The still moments where all I can see and hear is them. I become entranced by their every move. In these moments I am painfully aware of their growth. Suddenly I notice a new freckle and I hear a new word. I see the affection they have for one another. The moment is over as quick as it started and the chaos of childhood comes back and is in full force. In the mix of the quiet still moments and their moments of adventure and wonder I find my wild. These three children who create an infectious joy so distracting you cant help but want to join in. I dance more, sing more, roll down more hills and laugh more being their mom. Costumes and paint, castles and dragons, dolls and tea parties are becoming some of my greatest memories. An open field is new land and a forest is a maze. I've smelled more flowers and jumped in more puddles because of them.

Standing on a hill watching the sunset I am basking in their happiness at the end of a very bad day. The bickering has stopped and the whining has quieted down, I'm no longer paying attention to emails and phone calls. Troubles in life are just a low hum and I am lost in their excitement over an unusually warm breeze and falling leaves. The city looks big from where we stand and they seem small. It's amazing how alive they can make me feel. It's something I deeply cherish. They are my beautiful, wonderful and amazing wild.