it doesn't matter

When I book sessions one of the most common questions I am asked is "what should we wear" sure there are things that stand out in photos, accessories, going off of a color palette, etc.. but the truth doesn't matter. What you wear, how your kids behave, and what they are holding aren't the details that matter. The connection between the people I am shooting, the true deep belly laughs I work hard to bring to the surface, the tears when a child is over it, the anger when they aren't getting their way, the love, the passion, the compassion, the special lovie a child refuses to let go, I could go on and on. Heck my son always has a sword in his back, my youngest always carries around a super loved blankie that never appears clean no matter how often I wash it. Their love for these items and their attachment to them is something I will remember and want to document. These are the details that create cherished images because these are the details that are real. They are organic, whole and full of truth. I strive to have sessions be calm and comfortable even amongst the chaos of childhood. I want to capture your family and your life in the moment and if a child is running away I will chase them. If they are throwing a fit I will wait (I may take a few photos of it because lets be honest it's part the story)

I am incredibly awkward in front of the camera. I know how unsettling it can be. I get nervous and never want to look up. I get it I really do. If you trust me I will bring out the natural beauty you don't think is there. I see it. In every client. I see the beautiful truth. Trust me. Trust your photographer. This isn't just a job for me it's a passion. Don't think about where your hands go or where to look. Take a deep breath, let the kids be kids, relax and let me guide you. The rest simply doesn't matter.

these are some of my absolute favorite photos I've ever take of my children. These two images are so very much them and a true example of how I will remember their childhood. It's also a great example I think of what to wear to a photo session...